PivexinBand/Belt conveyors

Drawing on our experience earned while operating on the conveyor band/belts market, and having skilled staff and well-developed technical base, we decided to start the production of belt conveyors, feeders and batchers. We have been operating in this field since 2001 and we currently specify in the production of small and medium conveyor belts, both typical and non-standard, adjusted to the specific conditions and customized to individual needs.

We have been broadening the range of products we offer and try to meet our customers’ requirements and the current trends. Should the customer require so, the machines we manufacture may be equipped with modern control systems which can operate independently or it can be synchronised with the systems of the other processing machines.

The essential feature of our offer is that we propose repair services as far as the reconstruction and modernisation of conveyors working within the production process/lines are concerned.

Moreover, we provide consulting and design services, which are proposed to companies willing to modernise and optimize their own production lines or the ones asking for assistance in the selection of the simplest and cheapest solutions.

We currently produce the following machines/devices:

  • conveyors:
    • straight
      • band/belt
      • strip
      • modular
      • plate
    • curved
      • modular
    • bucked
    • chain
      • plate made from plastic and metal
    • roller
      • gravity
      • drive/powered
    • with conveyor weight scales
    • curved/cranked
      • L-shaped
      • Z-shaped
  • vibrating tables
  • positioning/tracking pulleys/drums
  • electromagnet for steel elements transportation: see the film
  • protective fencing / barriers:
    • for machines
    • for store rooms etc.
    • filling according to a customer’s request
      • plexi
      • steel mesh / net
    • conveyors made of chamber-structure anodized aluminium profiles
      • profile 40×40
      • profile 80×40 etc.
    • assembly tables
      • aluminium profile assembly tables