PivexinTransmission belts

PVC and PU conveyor belts

Our company is a commercial representative of the Spanish firm Esbelt which specializes in the production of PVC and PU conveyor bands/belts.

  • food industry – confectionery, cakes and pastries, dairy products manufacturers, meat processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants, sugar factories, soft drinks and juice manufacturers, fish processing plants.
  • wood industry – sawmills, wood windows manufacture, furniture producers, chipboard manufacturers.
  • packaging manufacturers – plastic packaging, cardboard packaging
  • building/construction material manufacturers – rock wool, glass wool, construction ceramics.
  • chemical industry – the manufacture of washing powders, soap, cleaning products
  • logistics e.g. postal/mail services, airports
  • tobacco industry.
  • belt conveyors manufacturers.
  • sugar factories – ATEX-compliant processing belts (allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere).
  • higher friction coefficient,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • antistatic,
  • low or high temperatures resistance,
  • oil and grease resistance,
  • cut resistance.

We manufacture curved bands/belts upon customer’s instructions.

We also offer our own 24h/day service of band/belt joining on the customer’s site.

Belts for weight-labelling machines

We offer belts for BIZERBA type weight-labellers. These belts are of the highest quality.


  • material – silicone or polyurethane
  • thickness approx. 1mm
  • endless – sleeve cut
  • equipped with [tracking] cleat/spacer wedges
  • standard dimensions available in stock:
    • 910mm x 137mm
    • 1124mm x 137mm
    • 1930mm x 137mm

Mesh-drainage Conveyor Belts

We offer mesh belts produced by French company Reveyron made of polyester at various thickness and mesh aperture dimension from 1mm to 4mm. These belts may be manufactured according to the ordered dimensions and can be equipped with additional accessories such as scoops, waves/cleats, and PVC, PU profiles, available in various heights, facilitating loose material/small items conveying. These belts may operate at low temperatures, even as low as -40°C. They are joined with fasteners or by heat-welded splice.

Their application:

  • draining
  • vacuum
  • drying
  • glazing of frozen food

and Washflow-type belts produced by Esbelt made of blue PU and Aramid reinforced. Mesh aperture dimensions 2×2, 4×4,6×6,12×12 mm.

They display high abrasive and hydrolysis resistance, and they are weatherproof. They are designed to convey washed, rinsed vegetable and fruit and frozen food.